Imagine you and your friend are walking down the street talking about nothing in particular. Then all of a sudden a car pulls up along side you and your friend. Now your friend, being the goodie goodie girl that she is, proceeds to Walk away. But you are adventurous and want to know who’s in the car, so you stop and tell your friend to wait. The window rolls down and there you see Michael and Calum. “Hey, do you and your friend want a ride?” Calum asks. You don’t know what to do. For awhile you stand there and stare into the car as you try to figure out weather or not this is a dream. “Hello? Are you ok love?” Calum asks starring you in your eyeshe with the sweetest smile ever.









I dont just do this with people I know. I try to help everyone 

i’d stay up with ANYONE.

Reblog everytime

I’ve done this with so many people, some I didn’t even know.

I’d do it for everyone.

i’ve done it

So often.

I’ve done it and I would do it again.

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