OMFG!!! I can’t BELIEVE that my brother is 6 years old today!!!!!! He’s so old! OMG I remember when he was born and we thought that he wasn’t going to make it. But here he is, he is the toughest kid I know. And but the grace of God he is still here. HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY TO JAYDEN JAMES MAHKI ATTERBERRY a.k.a PeanutBoy #littlebrother #birthday #happybirthday

I’m sorry I just gotta do this now. I gotta put this out there to let all y’all lame bitches know. This girl right here ⬆⬆this girl right here nigga ⬆⬆is funny asf okay. This is @ratchetxgourmet and she is the baddest bitch out *Watermelondrea voice*

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